Sciatic neurogram

Sciatic MR neurogram, performed on GE 3T scanner.

The sciatic nerve derives fr L4 to S3.

This STIR sequence shows symmetric signal and course of the nerve, from the sacral foramina, in front of the piriformis, and posterior to the obturator internus/gemellus muscles

The left S2 nerve crosses very closely to vessels (scroll through). The right S2 nerve course is easier to follow, apart fr the vessel.

The T1 sequence also shows proximity of the left S2 nerve to adjacent vessesl.

Coronal oblique of the sacrum is also included in our sciatic neurogram protocol.

This patient has EMG positive sciatica on the left. Normal signal. No masses. 

Note also excellent depiction of the femoral nerves.

Accession: CL0057

Study description: MRI PELVIS W/O CONTRAST