CASE - Post trauma

Review the case, then read notes below.



The ACL is torn. Contusions are seen in the posterior tibia although there are no classic "kissing contusions". There is a sprain of the fibular collateral ligament proximally.

Did you see the meniscal tear ?

A meniscofemoral ligament of Wrisberg is present (figure 1). The junction of the Wrisberg ligament and posterior horn extends more lateral than expected (figure 2 - to the posterolateral corner), with an irregular interface, suggesting a limited longitudinal tear, the so called "Wrisberg Rip" coined by Awh and Stadnick. Medial meniscus intact, with minimal edema at the meniscocapsular junction.


- Normal knee MRI for comparison

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1 Vahey TN et al. MR imaging of the knee: pseudotear of the lateral meniscus caused by the meniscofemoral ligament. AJR 1990 Jun;154(6):1237-9. 

Accession: CL0477

Study description: MRI JNT OF LWR EXTRE W/O DYE - LEFT