Junior call case 11

1. Right frontal traumatic contusion.

2. Traumatic axonal injury.

Traumatic axonal injury is among the most severe types of traumatic brain injury, sometimes leading to persistent vegetative states despite mild-appearing imaging findings.

o Mechanism + classic locations of DAI: shearing injury due to different soft tissue densities (gray-white junction) and parenchymal fixation (splenium of corpus callosum and dorsolateral midbrain).

o GRE sequence often reveals tiny microhemorrhages, invisible on CT.

Contusion is a bruise of the brain surface and, by definition, involves the cortex.

o Classic locations: anterior/inferior frontal and temporal lobes (abutting the rough anterior skull base)

o In ambiguous cases, a follow-up CT may show interval blooming of the contusion with edema and hemorrhage.

Accession: CL0746

Study description: CT HEAD