Junior call case 5

Hemorrhagic venous infarction secondary to venous sinus thrombosis of the transverse sinus.

For younger patients with non-specific neurologic symptoms, you should have a higher pre-test suspicion for these etiologies (vs. older patients):

o Venous sinus thrombosis w/ venous infarction

o Vascular malformation (hemorrhagic AVM or cavernous malformation)

o Vasculitis

o Cocaine-induced hypertensive hemorrhage

o Dissection with emboli

o Demyelination

Classic venous infarct distributions:

o Bilateral PARASAGITTAL (superior sagittal sinus)

o TEMPORAL lobe (vein of Labbe)

o Bilateral THALAMI (straight sinus, internal cerebral veins)

Accession: CL0752

Study description: CT HEAD